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Recent Sales

29/01/14 John got a Mac 17" for $203.23
25/04/14 tim got a scan pan 2ltr pot for $40.00
17/10/13 Tim got a slippers black for $213.49
17/10/13 Mary got a AUDIOLINE DJ CONTROLLER PACK for $48.99
16/10/13 JohnSell got a 2TB USB EXternal Harddrive for $102.01
16/03/14 test got a Dummy for $2.97
03/02/16 JohnSell got a canon 80D for $1,230.45
02/04/14 JohnSell got a Used Red Bull F1 car for $430,000.00

Recent News at Sarpilly

10/01/16 - Updated

Mysqli DB has been implimented

09/01/13 - Mail delivery improved

Sarpilly have engaged Mandrill for email delivery. Mandrill solve a number of issues including delivery to Mail phobic services. Sarpilly uses email as a transactional glue to keep sellers and buyers in the loop.

24/11/12 - Acceptance Testing Complete

John and Tim Have completed acceptance testing of the Sarpilly Website. All critical functionality is working as designed.

13/11/12 - testing tz feature

Having installed a new tz feature to ensure all users get local time. This should read 14 Nov 1:02pm

03/11/12 - Usability Testing continues

Davina is making extensive reviews of the business logic.

30/07/12 - Notification centre installed

A personal notification service has been installed into column 2. The service indicates to the logged on user activity associated with their account, and each message is colour coded to indicate importance.

30/07/12 - UAT Complete

After nearly 8 weeks of UAT, improvements and functional additions, Sarpilly is ready for live beta testing. We are looking for a friendly captive market to secure Beta testing.

29/07/12 - Proof of concept complete

John says "the initial task of building a proof of concept is complete and ready for beta testing with live customers".

31/05/12 - UAT commenced on live site

Exhaustive testing is now taking place on the live site. Lets see if clean data resolves development system problems encountered.

30/05/12 - Update

After extensive usability testing Sarpilly is pleased to announce a new version is loaded online for broader usage. Report any difficulties please.

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Payments are not live, using Paypal sandbox to test functionality